Help - Samsung R1 (Speaker Notify with Sound) does not go back to playing TV after... thoughts?

Hello Everyone!

So, after some help here in the forums, I was able to get my Samsung R1’s up and running on ST. They each have been assigned an individual IP address.

I have set up a simplistic Speaker Notify with Sound, when any of my 3 doors open, it uses a Custom Message. That works great, about a 2-3 second delay, but good enough for what I am concerned with.

I have the speakers set up through Samsung Multiroom. I have the Soundbar (650) and the two R1’s set up in a surround sound (multi channel) state. This works great with no issues for the TV (Samsung as well, I am committed at this point…).

Now to the issue:
If I open any door, the R1 will notify that it is open, however, somehow this breaks the multichannel connection, and the R1’s and soundbar no longer play sound from the TV. It is now all TV speakers. This then requires that I go into the TV options and select the MCH Surround again, and that works no issue. I had the option for returning to whatever was playing selected as well.

Any solutions?
Is there a setting I am missing?
Could I use my Echo?
Outside of buying another R1 and having to hide it somewhere where my wife wont see it, to do the announcements?

Appreciate the help!

I have a simular issue with the sami speakers (I have several m7s), they will drop the Bluetooth connection when sent a mp3 or tts via st, and do not restore the previous connection. I have asked for the st dth to be updated to include the available input selection commands that are present within the native sami app, crickets…

Not a solution, but just got a Samsung eCertificate for a TV I purchased, basically, now I can get a free R1, and position it out of view and use that for only announcements in the house. The M3 downstairs already works well in handling that area.

Any updates on these. I just set a few up and all have updates firmware. Paired with ST w/o issue. So far not good.

  • Any use on Speaker Notify w/ Sound causes the the speaker the notification is sent to drop out of the group or stereo pair. (The other speaker in the group continue playing.)
  • Speaker will not resume playing the track once the notification is over.
  • Message is truncated (random)

I don’t use them in paring mode, though a recent st beta I participated in had group support as one of its inclusions. I do not know if or when that beta code will be released.
I also don’t use them for anything other than tts, so can’t comment on the resume function.
I have noticed the random truncation as well, suspect this is cloud/load related…

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