Samsung presence sensor

So I have purchased not 1 but 2 presence sensor’s now and both have been acting odd when using them. Does anyone have any recommendations or experience with these? Is there an actual 3rd party device handler for them that works better than the default handler?

So far the first sensor seemed to randomly drop off the network reporting the presence as away and for the first day would occasionally come back on the network. Then after maybe day 2 or 3 the device no longer ever showed present no matter how close to the hub I would put it.

The second is showing similar behavior. But not exactly the same. Inconsistent enough for me so far to abandon the idea of using the $25 dongle looking samsung presence sensors. All im trying to do is have a tag around my dog’s colar to tell me when he get’s far enough away from the house to let me know.

I used to have a lot of issues with mine until I changed out the batteries that came with them and replaced them with Panasonic CR2032s. Since changing the batteries out, I haven’t had any issues with mine. I think that the batteries they ship with are junk.

Also, inside of mine, I put a piece of clear tape at the top over the battery. Seems to be holding the battery into place a lot better (well known issue).

Personally, they are cheaply made devices, but I have yet to find a better alternative.

Do the battery mod and leave it in the car’s glove compartment . Mine and wife’s been SOLID ever sense.

Bigly improvement

There is a setting for a 2 minute time out, but that still is a good amount of time. As for the survivability, yea if the thing isnt rugged enough to handle a small beating then maybe it wont work as well as I had hoped :frowning:

That’s gonna be tough to fit on his dog’s collar. Guess it depends what breed of dog…

He’s a little guy, so nothing can get to huge. And the idea is to notify us if he makes it out of our yard really. We have an invisible fence and is obedient to it, but on occasion when the batteries are low and the kids coax him out of the yard it would be nice to know.

Ill try changing batteries etc but most likely I may abandon the idea as the device doesnt seem to be operating as expected.

Thanks for all the help once again!

Wait a tic… you don’t have the electronic fence connected to ST??? :wink:

LOL (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Haven’t made it that far in my ST rollout :wink:
I have many more things I would like to integrate into the system but sadly my unlimited funding doesnt exist just yet .

You need to use Panasonic batts in all the Samsung Smartthings that take the coin cells. I have tried several different makes and the battery reporting goes to pot as it must be the discharge rate differs between makes. Reliability also becomes flaky. It does state you must use them in the instructions I think.

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I understand when batteries get low they need changed and can cause issue’s. But this device is brand new and shows 100% battery. I haven’t touched the battery in any way so if you guys are saying that the battery from the factory could be low yet the battery indicator on the app is inaccurate I will not be keeping the device. The device will either work or I will find a product that will.

Ive found battery level monitoring, in general, to be pretty variable from device to device and overall not extremely accurate. I think it’s more an issue of how to accurately measure how much “juice” is “left” in a battery and convert that into a value from 1-100% to display to the user. I don’t think it’s something very specific to this device.