Samsung Powerbot Vacuum $538 on 8/24

Home Depot daily deal on the Samsung Powerbot robotic vacuum $538,free shipping. It is currently $620 from 3rd party seller or $699 sold and shipped by Amazon

Do you need to go to the $583 WiFi version for WiFi or does the basic have WiFi and they just don’t mention it/I don’t see it mentioned and am just blind?

Since the wifi model is " normally" $200 less than this model, I would assume this one is “better”. Personally I don’t want a WiFi unit that I need to control with an app on my phone. Although WiFi control would probably open up integration, although again I don’t need integration. ( Unless it has a guard dog mode and will attack intruders if alarm is triggered. )

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Oh … you just cost me my “mad” money… LOL

You’ll laugh at this, but I am close to wanting to integrate a robotic vacuum. I typically run my current robotic vacuum every day, except for the day my maid comes. Most of the time she comes on Wednedday’s, but sometimes she has to come on Tuesday. I’ve dreamed up ST scenarios where if she unlocks the front door with her Lock Manager code the robotic vacuum knows not to clean that day. If she doesn’t, robotic business as usual.

Not all of these are WIFI enabled…

WIFI Devices

POWERbot Turbo Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ($898) [I have this one, works great]
Model: SR2AK9350U
Suction Rating: Super***

POWERbot Wifi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ($583)
Model: SR2AJ9040U
Suction Rating: Good***

Non-WIFI Devices

POWERbot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ($538)
Model: VR20H9050UW
Suction Rating: Great ( < Super)***

POWERbot Essential Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ($538)
Model: VR2AJ9020UG
Suction Rating: Good***

Like I said above, I have the Turbo model. 9 times out of 10 I run it on it’s lowest setting. I’ll be getting the $583 Wifi model today based on this sale as I don’t think I need Super or Great suction. (SR2AJ9040U).

We used to clean the floors about once a week. Now we do it everyday, even when we are home.

***I just made up those ratings so I could explain which one was the most powerful.

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Amazon has had a price drop, better than Home Depot for…

POWERbot Essential Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ($510)
Model: VR2AJ9020UG
Suction Rating: Good***

It is the VR9050 on sale for $538 at HD, $699 from Amazon not the 9020

Eric, will that version also integrate with ST?

The 9040 and 9350 appear to be the WiFi models based on Amazon’s list of them. The 9020 Eric mentioned does not have WiFi.

The only time I use ST to start my Samsung vacuum is when the “Everyone Leaves” routine fires. 8 times out of 10 we run it while we are home. We used to vacuum once a week (if we were on the ball). Now we have this thing running at least 2 times a day…

(See two notes after the schedule)

Day 1 - Run 1: Family Room, Office (~750 sqft)
Day 1 - Run 2: Kitchen, Dining Room, Foyer (~800 sqft)

Day 2 - Run 1: Upstairs Hallway, All Bedrooms (except Master) (~800 sqft)
Day 2 - Run 2: Kitchen, Dining Room, Foyer (~800 sqft)

Day 3 - Run 1: Master Bedroom (~500 sqft)
Day 3 - Run 2: Kitchen, Dining Room, Foyer (~800 sqft)
Day 3 - Run 3: Basement (~1200 sqft)

Note 1 - We run this thing at its lowest level. We run it so often there isn’t a need to run it at max power. It does have a ramp up ability if it senses a lot of dust, and it works.

Note 2 - Don’t expect to always get 1,200 sqft out of this thing. My basement is basically a giant rectangle with very few obstacles which is why the vacuum is very efficient, just goes i straight lines.

Note 3 - Each time you see it do our “Kitchen, Dining Room, Foyer” that is generally when the “Everyone Leaves” routines runs. There are a few times when we don’t leave and have to run it manually. My 2 year old loves vacuuming for us. He just presses a button and continues playing.

As a side topic, we also bot the iRobot Bravva 380t. I was against it, my wife wanted it. I didn’t think it would work. I was wrong, works like a charm. Can only mop about 350 - 400 sqft at a time. Not ST integrated.

Is there a list if robot vacuums that can work with ST?

Bump. I am in the market for a robotic vacuum that could fire when “everyone leaves”. Anyone know if there is anything that works out of the box with ST?

These two work out of the box.

Check out

Ended up getting one for $502.14.

Use Promo code ‘Save10’ and use a debit card to purchase to get to that price.

I picked up an “open box” PowerBot Turbo at a local Best Buy for $550 over the weekend - I think they thought it was the COPPER w/o WiFi!

I got it home, got it connected to both ST and Samsung Home apps - it definitely has WiFi in it!!

I’m having problems with the “Select & Go” floor mapping portion of the Samsung Home APP - I have run the robot around the house 4 times for mapping purposes, it has failed 3 of those times to build a map of my house. On the 4th try it created a map of a portion of the house - at least I think it did - because I don’t recognize the floorplan it came up with! It looks like no portion of my house. I’m starting to wonder if the map it has, is from who ever returned it to Best Buy? I can’t figure out how to reset the maps, and don’t have time to deal with Samsung support at this time.

As far as ST integration - it looks like I’m limited to monitoring progress, and starting the Bot remotely. I’ve not figured out a way to tell it to start cleaning when I leave home automatically from ST.

Even with the Samsung Home app - since I don’t have a floorplan mapped out yet - I’m limited to monitoring and remote start.

I got the wifi today. I set it up at Samsung home app. I’m able to control it manually etc. but I can’t get it to connect to smartthings. It finds the vacuum then I hold the blue recharge button on the remote and nothing happens.

Got it. Took a few tries

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I believe that the best robot vacuum cleaner is Roomba. If the house has animals, then this is best assistant. I’ve been using it for years and I like everything.
So I strongly advise [Roomba]

Which one would be better the samsung or the roomba?