Samsung POWERbot Robot Vacuum $500 off

I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with mine.

I have considered getting one. I have area rugs in kitchen on top of hardwood floors, how well will this vacuum deal with those?

I have a nice thick wool rug on top of tile in my main room. Does great. It is set to go off here and about 30 minutes. Will try and grab a picture… the HUGE thing with me was my dog. I have a German Shepherd… you know the story about their name right… The guy translating the name to English did not know German all that well, and he thought the German name in English was German Shepherd, when it is really German SHEDDER. Years ago I had a roomba and the dog hair ate it for lunch… just ruined it. Dog hair everywhere in the working parts. Had this one 3 weeks now, goes daily. Each Sunday I have turned it over and removed the brush and there had been zero need to. Just can’t believe it.


So it runs daily. I attached pics to show it having no issues with my area rug… and then how much dirt and dog hair it gets DAILY…yeah… DAILY. Love my dog.

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My GSD should have been bald years ago with as much as he shed’s. My Roomba keeps up but I think I might grab this deal.

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I cannot imagine a life without my Powerbot. This particular one isn’t wifi enabled. If that doesn’t matter to you, go for it.

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does Powerbot keep itself from wedging under stuff or high-siding, or does it work its way out?

I like my Roombas fitting under most low furniture (I had to raise some) but they occasionally get hung up on furniture feet.

I’ve seen my Powerbot get into situation where I though it would get wedged. It has always gotten out.

it is a lot taller than a roomba…so there will be a lot of stuff it can not go under that a roo a does…that said I have only had it get itself stuck one time.

Another note. We have vents that have large openings between the fins like this. Not exactly this, but opening larger than the normal ones. Once in a while the vacuum would run over and the cliff detector would think it was running over a cliff and if the vent was just right (close to a corner) the vacuum would get suck because it couldn’t drive though walls and it didn’t want to fall (even though it wouldn’t). I fixed the problem by getting new vent covers. Oh the things I’ll do in order to do nothing.

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So the non-wifi versions have to be started manually?

They have a setting that can be set to start the same time every day… or set a one time later in the day start.

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Also keep in mind that during the last ST update they broke Samsung POWERbot integration.

I would be ok without the ST integration. My ocd wants me to be able to tell it to move when I want to lol. Maybe I will wait… patiently, we’ve lived with a manual vac for many years now, I think I can wait a little bit more… months only.

You’ve been living all wrong.


I will hide this post from my wife.


I see $300 off (on sale for $699). Was it cheaper?

was $500 yesterday.

So glad the WiFi models were not on sale.

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Me too and bummed at the same time lol.

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