Samsung powerbot vr20h9050uw on sale at homedepot for $579
I know nothing about these but have seen them posted on here before. Maybe someday I will get one but not before the cat that pukes frequently is gone.

I bought one back in August I think, from a post here. I used my “mad money” to pay for it as I knew my husband would have issues with my paying that much for what he “would” have termed a toy. Last week, he refunded the amount I paid to my mad money account. We think it is worth every penny we paid. We have a German Shedder (Shepherd) and every morning, I ran the dust mop, the Dyson stick down the edges of the walls, and got the vacuum out to do the area rug in the main room… every single day… and we still felt like we were drowning in dog hair… now, at 7:25 every morning, the “vaccubot” runs and I empty the hair… done… we love it.

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I already spent my HD allowance on a new farm style kitchen sink this week . ( Last piece of the kitchen remodel I started 5 years ago LOL )

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My too. I’m spent. Bought another car last week so I could have a place to put the extra Echo Dot


Is this a good deal?

What’s the difference between the two?

WAGON FTW! *Forum says I’m not descriptive enough, now I am…


Base model. No Wifi, No Remote, Less suction, No Home Mapping, No Select Room
There is an in-between model. It is blue. It includes Home Mapping, Wifi, but you cannot select the room and it has less suction.

The model above is the best. It has all the bells and whistles. More suction power.

I picked up the blue wifi, refurbished from Amazon a little while ago for $280.

It syncs with ST and we hardly ever need to put it on the higher power mode. I had to make a couple of adjustments to things in the house but now it runs everyday, without much human interaction at all. Floors stay pretty clean but still have to go back and sweep the corners every so often.

We have 3 Boxer Dogs and boy does this thing help big time!

Thank you didn’t realize it wasn’t wifi. I almost pulled the trigger.

Surprising amount of wagons in this area. Great on these twisty back roads. You’d never know it weighed 4400 lbs. The adaptive cruise control is great in NoVa traffic.

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The essential is also on sale at Fry’s and they pay the sales tax… Too bad it’s only in-store pickup and none available in my area:

I got the same thing from Amazon. The problem I have with mine is I constantly get the “Lifted” message on my phone and have to physically move the vacuum. For some reasons it likes to back up into things and lift its rear wheels. Does yours do that? I’m thinking about returning it and buy another one, thinking mine might be defective. Other than that, I like it so much better than my old roomba. Picks up a canister of golden retriever hair every day.