Samsung outdoor camera

Anyone have any clue what an external Samsung camera is ?

I would assume it’s just something like an Arlo camera.

Possibly Jimmy but the ad is different to the listed tvs, the Tvs which appear available for that bundle give no information about cameras.
I watched the video and it quickly showed a consumer type stick up cam I don’t really recognise the make, is that an Arlo ?

It’s a marketing placeholder. There are no product details, it just says:

Available products may vary by country or region.

And elsewhere it just says a “smartthings – compatible“ camera. :thinking:

Maybe a future venture with Arlo or Google cams then

Shame we can’t easily onboard our own IP cams

It’s an Arlo Q, which isn’t even an outdoor camera :joy:


Yeah, that’s what it looks like to me too, with the logo airbrushed out. Indoor only, discontinued. Because, marketing. :wink:


Samsung marketing at its finest :ok_hand:

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