Samsung Multiroom Audio - Multiple IP Issues with STv2

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Thanks @r4nd0m, but that explanation is a little techie for my abilities.

I recently moved and have been setting up a new automated home and the sound system is an area where i am having some issues.

HW-K650 (2016 version of J650) with Subwoofer
2 R1’s (linked with HW-K650 for surround sound)
1 M3 (separate speaker in play room)
KU6300 4K TV
ST v2 Hub
WAM250 Hub
Amazon Echo

I have had no issues working in the Samsung Multiroom App to group/ungroup and play music throughout the house.

When i go to add to ST and add through the SamsungAudioConnect, it finds 3 IP addresses to start. If i go into events, i can see what model they are (M3, R1 only, not anything else). Some are paused, others stopped. when i go back the next day, i now have 4 more IP addresses. some have no event activity whatsoever. this keeps happening, extra IP’s showing up (only changing the last 3 #'s).

This doesn’t seem like many are having this issue, and the solution is a little bit more complicated than i would like.

Any help is appreciated,

Well not sure - from what I see in my environment and comparing it to yours this is what you should have:

TV - shows up as speaker
Soundbar - shows as speaker (the bass does not)
Your R series - should be 2 ips
Your M series - 1 IP
Your phone with the MR app - 1 IP

I had some issues with the grouping as well but its fine now …

As I said its easier if you identify the MAC addresses and then use dhcp reservation to identify which speaker doesnt work (btw if you go to the IDE the device id, eg 08ea77001122 is the MAC address just add “:” so it becomes 08:ea:77:00:11:22) … Btw I dont use the WAM250 at all though I got two (included in deals)

This. I had the same problem until I did this. Set up dhcp reservations, and imo do it for anything that connects to St, if not every device on your network.

@r4nd0m, @schapper05 - Thanks guys. I wish i could get this working…

I have tried using my airport utility to scan, and only the routers come up, which is weird as the Tv and speakers were live. also, the scanner finds all the random stuff on my neighbors wifi as i live in a condo.

i had this super unhelpful conversation with samsung technical support:
me: how do i get the MAC address for my R1, M3, and HW-K650?
support: unfortunately you can not get that information through any app or support.

any suggestions?

I think the suggestion above is to go into the SmartThings IDE and look at the device itself, its device ID is the actual unseparated MAC address. So if the IDE shows your device as 112233445566, the MAC for it is 11:22:33:44:55:66

Then you should be able to go into your router and give it a static IP.

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Exactly - alternatively use a scanner app like Fling to scan the network from a mobile but this wont tell you which exactly is the device you are looking for unlike the IDE …

Thanks, i got it now…

I had actually never used the IDE browser before, had just been using app. the mac is there and i will identify and clean up.