Samsung Multipurpose Sensor Battery Issues & device Alternatives

Hey all

I have a number of Samsung Multipurpose sensors from 2016 which I have recently installed around my house, all with new batteries added. I’m getting constant alerts that the battery levels are now down below 15% after about 2 months of use. I understand from reading some of the threads that these sensors can falsely show low batteries and not to worry about it until it hits 5% or so. Is this the case, or are the sensors just unreliable?

I purchased some additional Samsung multipurpose 2018 model sensors and will be adding them to my system shortly. Has anyone had similar battery problems with these devices?

Am I better off replacing the 2016 sensors? And if yes, should I purchase more 2018 models or is there a good alternative brand that works well with SmartThings?

Would be interested to get the groups thoughts and advice thanks.

It could be the batteries you installed. I’ve had hit and miss with CR2450 batteries I purchased from Amazon. Most have been good, but one batch were all duds. But good ones that sat for 4 years weren’t so good when I finally used them (e.g., shelf life); they would show 33% when initially installed.