Samsung Multi Sensor Battery

I have one of the newer cell battery type Multi Sensors and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to remove the battery without snapping the place holders. I am trying to reset the device as it’s stopped working.

It wasn’t easy, but this is how I was able to replace my battery. I first pushed the tab (RED ARROW) on the LED side with my finger and then used a precision flat head screw driver in the notch to pry it out.

I thought it was even harder to reinsert the battery while holding the reset button down, to reset it.

You are correct about the bad design though. I have a samsung presence sensor which now has the battery held by electrical tape because the tab broke on my first attempt to remove the battery. Terrible design, do be careful with their products.

I managed to reset it! Thanks for the advice. I think if this is compatible I may invest in this in the future. has a light meter in it, which would save having to buy a separate motion sensor for the entrance hallway. That’s assuming I can use any z wave device with smartthings?