Samsung Motion Sensor (2014 vs 2015) battery

I purchased the motion sensor which was the 2014 version. The battery died and I need to replace it with a CR2477. It seems impossible to find it in Ottawa, Canada. The 2015 motion sensor comes with a CR2450 battery which is readily available everywhere.

The size of the batteries are:
CR2477 24.5 × 7.7
CR2450 24.5 × 5.0

I can’t return an open battery. It seems just the height is the only difference. Can I purchase a CR2450 and just add a piece of cardboard which would keep it pushed down to the contact?


possible. I did the same thing in a pinch. What’s the worst that could happen - it might burn up. coincells don’t have a lot of juice to set other stuff on fire.

I’m going through the same problem. I figured I’d run out and pick up a CR2477 battery this weekend and couldn’t find one anywhere. I’m going to end up ordering a few extra online.