Samsung M70C Smart Monitor not showing up in Google Home (Can see in Smartthings)

I just got the Samsung M70C Smart Monitor, and added it successfully to Smartthings app (I see it as a device, I can control it from ST, etc.). But when I link Google Hub to my ST account, I see my other 2 devices (TV/Soundbar), but NOT this new monitor. I have unlinked and re-linked multiple times and it continues to successfully identify the other devices, but not the monitor. Wondering if this isn’t a supported device? Or if there is something I can do to get GH to recognize the monitor when connecting to ST?

Hi, I’m having the same issue with a Samsung M5 smart monitor which shows up and works fine in the Smartthings app. Logged out and back in on Smartthings, unlinked and relinked with Google Home and synced all devices using Google Assistant which says that some devices are unavailable. I’m reluctant to reinstall the apps because of the time needed to reproduce all my automations etc. My Samsung TVs show up along with 3rd party sockets, lights and relays all linked in turn through Smartthings. Any help would be gratefully received, thanks.

Unfortunately i have the same issue with my smart monitor m7 , everything works good except Google home, although my Samsung smart TV works from the first day very good with GHome , on off , changing channels , volume up down and mute , even changing TV apps like netflix and YouTube etc with Google voice commands and routines …

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Same Isuse here, M7 Smart monitor, seen in smartthings, LinkedIn smartthings with google home but does not appear in G Home, even If other devices i have in smartthings are visible in G Home

If you do not get a solution in the community forum, be sure to contact ST support and see if they can assist.

Did anyone find a solution to this? I feel cheated by Samsung at the moment after months of calling and trying to get this to work. Does anyone have any plan or idea? Please HELP HELP HELP