Samsung Home Security Pad

(Eduardo Veras) #1

i found that samsung is building a zwave security pad, is there any way we could get to see this integrated in the future??
This is the product page:


Good find, and yes I hope there is integration with this also.

(Eduardo Veras) #3

@Ben Does the staff have any information about this device??


Anyone have anymore intel on this?


Hey all!

This is not a SmartThings product (yet). Samsung is one of the world’s largest security system providers and this is likely one of those products. I’ll see what I can find out though!


It’s part of the new Z wave security system from Samsung SDS. It was Z-wave certified for the Korean region only a couple of months ago along with several other devices, including a nice standalone button.


Well there you go!

I have the button sitting around somewhere actually…


(Mitch Pond) #9

Can we take this as an indicator that you’re looking at official support for the Lutron Zigbee remote? That would be excellent :slight_smile:


Of course! We haven’t started development yet but there are some floating around the office.

It’s a killer little device. It’ll replace my Minimote if we can get it talking to our hub like we want.

Lutron Connected Bulb Remote
(Mitch Pond) #11

That is great news! I’m loving it as an add-on for my GE Links, but would probably buy a few more if we could use it like a minimote. I wasn’t able to get it to work the way I’d hoped and Wink hasn’t pushed out official support yet (so no reverse engineering :-/ ) I have faith you guys will get it working :slight_smile:

(Eduardo Veras) #12

would lo ve to see a sexurity pad just like that one integrated

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Looks like samsung is having fun with zwave on south korea, i hope we get some of there devices someday