Samsung gear s3 frontier doesn't work with smart things find

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I have a problem with my samsung galaxy s3 frontier. I just downloaded new feature “smart things find” to application smart things but only device that i saw on map was my phone. Is my watch doesn’t support that?

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Thank you for reaching out for assistance with your Smart Things Find.

My initial thought knowing the limitations of Smart Things Find is that you are not running a compatible Tizen Version or One UI, capable of utilizing the full abilities of the Smart Things Find Card.

“Available on Galaxy smartphones and tablets running Android 8 or later, Galaxy Watch devices running Tizen 5.5 or later, and Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Buds Live.” Reference Link: Samsung Launches SmartThings Find, a New Way To Quickly and Easily Locate Your Galaxy Devices – Samsung Global Newsroom

Are you able to locate that device using the Find My Mobile service that Smart Things Find uses?

You can verify this information by seeing if the device is listed on your Samsung Account.

If you are still having symptoms and verified that your Tizen version is up to date and checked your Samsung Account.

I would recommend reaching out to our Samsung Accounts Department directly to verify that the device is able to be registered as a device and is not designated as an accessory(Not able to be registered).

You can reach Samsung Accounts Department Directly at 855-795-0509

If the symptoms persist after verifying, we will be happy to open a ticket and look into your concerns further using the below information:
US: 1-866-813-2404

I hope this message finds you well!


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In short, no…the Gear S3 is not compatible with Smartthings Find


My S3 is up to date with Tizen, one UI 1.5, I doubt they will ever work in find

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