Samsung Dryer appearing as washer?

So the other day I noticed some devices get added on my account and it looked to be like devices that I had connected to samsung smart home ( the obsolete app) except they didn’t do anything and were essentially a duplicate of a working device I already had in smartthings. So I decided to delete the dryer and then re add it however after readding it smartthings now identifies it as a washer but the dryer functions still work. All the options are for the dryer like it used to be but since it is a flex dry model instead of upper and lower dryer it says upper and lower washer and the icon appears as a washer and all the capabilities I can see in the advanced web browser are saying washer.capabilitynamehere. It doesnt appear theres anything I can do to fix it so I guess it’s on smartthings end.

Was resolved after august update to smartthings app.