Samsung Developer Conference 2023

Samsung Developer Conference is today (October 5th). Some SmartThings related new and resources are starting to come out. Hopefully session recordings get uploaded in a timely manner, but here’s what I’ve seen so far

Fluffy PR piece

Hub Everywhere blog post, including a little info on Hub Replace functionality (finally!)

Matter Bridge support blog post.

New APIs: SmartThings Home, Context and Enterprise


Finally!! :crossed_fingers:

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Hub Replace sounds like a feature we’ve all been waiting a long time for!

Updated my Xwitter, but figured I’d post here too.

For the manufacturer devs:

  1. no code edge driver tool
  2. deduplication tool for companies that can integrate via both C2C and Matter. This will be very useful!

SmartThings Intelligence platform looks to be a cloud based machine learning algorithm that WWST companies can use. A couple presence models have been tested. Outputs of the model are sent via the Conext API. No mention if there’s a charge for this service.

SmartThings Home API lets companies use the SmartThings Architecture for their own mobile app

The much anticipated Hub Replace Tool. Looks like both hubs must be online for this to work

Multi Hub DOES merge Zigbee and Thread networks. Currently only works for ST station and no timeline give for other hub and if it will ever work across hub models.

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I note the direct communication between app/API and hub for control of Matter devices.

I wonder if they will be able to integrate this into the SmartThings mobile apps.

I haven’t sat through the talks but my feeling from the synopses is that the future of SmartThings is being seen as more of a backend service for third party companies. I can envisage the SmartThings client apps rebranding under the Samsung name and ceasing to pretend to be in any way a ‘neutral’ offering. As a hobbyist/DIY kind of user I am beginning to feel as squeezed out as I was five years ago when the embryonic ‘new’ platform had nothing to offer. There was a period when things were looking good but something has changed.


I haven’t tried controlling Matter devices manually without internet, but might need to!

I think Samsung, like most other companies in the Smart Home space, are trying as many avenues as possible to make SmartThings profitable. They ditched the dedicated hardware many years ago and are now embedding it in their traditional products as a value-add. Now they’re taking a swing at Smart Home SaaS. They’ve been talking about multi-family smart home SaaS for several years now and even had some updates on it at this years SDC.

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The map view from newer Samsung Monitors and TVs is coming to the mobile app by the endof the month. It will have some nice enhancements like Multiple Floors, furniture, etc.

Get Started With Home API | Developer Documentation | SmartThings

This is all about mobile apps working with Matter devices. The API is for accessing a ‘SmartThings Home Service’ app running on the same mobile device.

So it allows the creation of client apps that don’t require access to the cloud, albeit with a more limited scope than the existing client apps.