Samsung Developer Conference (SDC22) October 12, 2022

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SmartThings seems to be a big focus this year with the whole “Calm Technology” theme. Apparently Calm Technology means “where devices connect seamlessly for a more intelligent consumer experience that takes place instantly”

Looking at the session list, SmartThings services like SmartThings Find and SmartThings Energy have their own sessions. Bixby is somehow still a topic with a couple sessions focused on it. Edge has a session.

The most interesting session to me is this one on “SmartThings platform enhancements for openness and Interoperability”

we will share some exciting new updates to the SmartThings platform to support Matter and Thread


Reminder - 1 day away


A couple other tidbits I found interesting:

  1. Matter supports multi-admin for controlling devices from multiple ecosystems. Well SmartThings and Google Home are taking it a step further for Galaxy devices by automatically prompting to add a device to each other when you add a new Matter device to one of them.
    Samsung Electronics Announces Expanded Partnership with Google to Elevate Smart Home Experiences - Samsung US Newsroom
  2. SmartThings is working on Edge drivers for audio/video applications. Things like locally detecting people, faces, barking, etc. Sounds similar to HomeKit Secure Video
  3. Edge and Matter does work on the 2022 TVs and Fridges that have a ST hub built in
  4. Cync lights will integrate via Matter
  5. Confirmation Aqara officially joined as a Works With SmartThings partner

Logos of Early access partners.

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