Samsung curved tv and an echo dot?

Hello all,

I’m new so go easy please. I have a samsung tv (device name ue48j6300) and want to connect if possible direct to an echo dot or Alexa. I’ve spoke to Samsung customer services but they don’t really have a clue if or how to do it.

Most people use a Harmony Home Hub to bridge the devices.

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I believe the J indicates it is a 2015 model which isn’t supported by SmartThings.

I would +1 the recommendation on Harmony though.


Thanks for the help. Would it be worthwhile buying one off eBay or is it best to buy new?

It’s on sale right now at Best Buy for $59.99 new. Or $57 at Amazon. So I would get new. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for helping out but I’m in England and Best Buy don’t post here for some reason