Samsung Cube (AX47R9080SS) Air Purifier cannot connect to SmartThings app


I recently purchased air purifier - Samsung Cube AX47R9080SS ( I cannot connect it to SmartThings app on iOS. I’m using iOS 13.3 and latest SmartThings app 1.6.42-350. I do everything as SmartThings app asks me to: add new device, choose Samsung Air Purifier, switch air purifier in AP mode and connect my phone to [air purifier] Samsung WiFi. Then I can see a message in SmartThings app: “Connecting to your device” and after some time I get error message that something went wrong. Nothing seems to help. Did anyone face such an issue and was able to solve it?

Yes, I have had the same problem, and I continue to have the same problem with the Samsung Cube. For me to fix it, I have to do two things…

  1. ) I have to go to and delete air purifier
  2. ) In my phone settings I have to shut off wifi roaming where it connects to my data plan when wifi signal is weak. (Per the manual as well)

Then, I can add it - but for some strange reason, at it always shows air purifier, cloud as always OFFLINE! This stupid thing never reconnects after power outage or router reboot and I have to manually keep doing the above 2 steps to get it back online. I’m about to send this thing back to Samsung!! Love Samsung products, but hate this one!

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Thanks - I updated my post as suggested. Do you have any helpful information about the actual problem of why Samsung Cube would always be showing offline when it’s not? Although, I just checked again - and it’s showing ONLINE for the first time! No clue why this thing has been so horrible staying connected to the Smarthings Hub/Cloud.

Anyone have any ideas? I’m so tired of having to delete the device, unplug the device, reboot my router and manually re-add the device. It still keeps showing OFFLINE in but the device is on and I can control it with the APP. I’ve had to re-add more than a dozen times - usually anytime my router reboots, then re-add manually back to my Alexa routines.

I take it this issue went unresolved? I came across it with the U.S. stackable cube air Purifier and now present on the BESPOKE module.

Not sure what’s preventing it from having an online status in cloud like all my other devices.

It’s the same offline cloud behavior with the M7 monitor but for some reason the Jetbot AI+ does just fine. It does not loose its cloud link after router reboot.

Not sure what may be the issue. Any thoughts?