Home Assistant (HASSIO) integration for Samsung air purifier

HI! I have integrated the smartthings with my HASSIO installation. I can switch on/off my samsunsung air purifier and i can se the air quality data (AQI, PM2.5, PM10, odor sensor) the issue is that the sensors data will be update on HASSIO only if i open the smartthings app on my phone!

Anyone have this issue?

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Hi. I can confirm I also have the same issue.
Mine is the AX5500K. Connected to SmartThings, then the SmartThings integration for Home Assistant.

This issue might be related to this topic.

Tagging @Brad_ST, as he replied in that topic. Has the state refresh updated for those wifi devices since?

I’m submitted a support request to SmartThings via support.smartthings.com inquiring about the lack of sensor updates when the SmartThings app isn’t open. I’ll wait to see what response I get.

Thanks for linking @GSzabados. From my reading there the issue was that the integration only acted on changes in ‘state’ and not events. It also looks like the pull request to address that aspect wasn’t merged.

But I assume that it must have been added at some stage between 2019 and now, because my air purifier has no state (on api.smartthings.com) only events for on/off and fanMode changes. I actually don’t even understand how the air quality info is getting from the device to Home Assistant at the moment (when the app is open) without any trace of it in the ST API.

@teleksterling, the whole thing might be due how SmartThings fetches data from the device. It can be that the device just sends data to the ST cloud once it refreshed (opening the app). (Doing polling on the device…, but I really cannot believe that.)

So an intermediate solution could be to call a refresh through the SmartThings API, what would update values on the API and then you can get the fresh values to HA.

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Hey just wondering did you ever get this locked down. I’m considering one of the Samsung air purifiers and it would be nice to have it integrated to HA properly

Me? No. But also, I haven’t invested any effort in doing so either.
Mainly because it still works great with on/off state and control. I mainly wanted the air quality info for information & history, rather than for triggering actions. Some day I may have a go at figuring out how to interact with the API.