Samsung ADT hub outside the U.S (Mexico)

Hello at Best Buy U.S the seller recommend the ADT hub so we bought it. He told us that it will work in Mexico except for the plan. We bought the starter kit plus a bunch of sensors. ( additionally I also have the Samsung hub v2). After talking with the support they told that to activate the HUb I need a US IP address.

Will it work if I use a VPN? Or what can I do?
Does the ADT sensors works with the standard Samsung hub?

Thanks for your help

I have no inside knowledge that would contradict what the support rep told you. But that’s kinda interesting, in that I believe all the other ST hubs (there are several different devices at this point that contain a ST hub) don’t have a location restriction like that.

The US v1 and v2 hubs, as well as the UK hub (equivalent to the US v2 hub) definitely don’t, although I’m not as sure about the Samsung connect home routers or the ST extend for the Nvidia shield.

Obviously the ADT-based security services will only work in an area that ADT serves. And the cellular backup connection will only function if you’re actively subscribed to ADT monitoring services.

But assuming that the rep is correct, then if you use a reliable VPN service with an exit node that’s really in the US, then I suppose that would work. If that were the only reason to subscribe to one, I’m not sure it would be worth the cost to you. But maybe the hub would continue to function with your IP address in Mexico after the initial onboarding with the US-based VPN IP address, in which case you wouldn’t have to continue subscribing to the VPN service.

Unfortunately, no. These sensors are neither zigbee nor z-wave, so they will only work with the ST-ADT panel.

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Hello Thank you for your quick answer. I bought a Linksys router. Which VPN do you recommend ?

Le dimanche 3 juin 2018, Mark a Ă©crit :

Hello Thank you for your quick answer. I bought a Linksys router with a VPN. I will try and let you know.

The things is beside the geolocation what else could prevent the hub to update and works correctly.

My last idea is to go back to he U.S to activate it

Le dimanche 3 juin 2018, Mark a Ă©crit :

Sorry I can’t help you with recs for a VPN provider. I have a VPN server setup in my home router, but that’s so I can access my LAN remotely. I have no need for a commercial VPN service.

Im also having this problem !

Tried with a UDP VPN and a no go ( pfsense and NordVPN) doesn’t get past “checking for updates”

Any one got any suggestions ?


I’m live Mexico,I buyed a Smartthings F-MN-KIT-US-2 , but I can not connect my app with the Hub
the light on Hub is color green it’s ready to work
but message is code incorrect

what I do now?

Hi maybe is late, I have the samsung ADT hub, I bought it from BestBuy too on november and it works fine without a VPN, the only thing that does not work is the weather widget, I saw if I change my location to some address in US it works but if I select one in Mexico does not work … I’m using the smartthings classic app

Also I friend of mine bought one the past week and he needs to use the new smartthings app, the classic one does not work for him

Hi , did u ever get it to work with Nord. Cause I have the same problem. I am behind the VPN us iP and it’s not adding the sensors .

Trick is to remove the 4g Modem from the unit , Reset device and push it through the VPN .

Also Setup the app with an american samsung account also via VPN.

I only use the Classic app and works fine for me even the weather widget for UK.

Once setup you can disable the VPN and it works fine.

I removed the Simcard from my modem also and then put it back in ( To fill the hole)

there are a lot of this devices selling in Mexico… and they DOES NO WORK!!! why smartthings or ADT are so quiet with that? it smells like fraud, its stupid… they should publish a warning to their customers! Outside US its impossible to link the sensors and devices included with the hub because the new smartthings app deleted all info & support about ADT devices

Im in Mexico and have ST/ADT panel hub working with 3 motion ADT/ST motions sensors and 4 Windows-Door sensors for security and other bunch of devices and virtual switches (42) and its working fine, I set it up with Classic App because has the ADT brand devices options to add the hub and new devices. But as you said now in the New App for Mexico there is not any ADT brand options to add new devices, I had to add a couple of them from the storage box before Classic App was shut down because this issue, if for some reason one of them lost its connection I really do not know how I can re pair it to the hub since I understand they do not handle regular z-wave protocol but a specific protocol made for this panel. But for the original configuration (ADT/ST Panel and its devices) could be installed in Mexico without any problem…but only with Classic App, I hope mine works for another couple of years. to get enough for the investment …

if you configured your hub ADT with ths app, it should have been before this date, because now its impossible… the old app is no longer in service and the new one does not have ADT support… so we are screwed… ADT and smartthings are ignoring all of our requests of support… and it get worse! ADT MEXICO says in a facebook message that they dont recognize the hub as part of their products… WTF!

I set it up one year ago with Classic App, now its working with New App, definitely Its not valid purchase for 1st time an ADT/St hub now because there is no any app you can configure it in Mexico (New App has not any ADT brand available to add devices) so this devices would not been sold any more in Mexico… Did you purchase ADT/ST hub recently ?! after Classic App shutdown ?

I purchased the hub in november (smartthings classic app was still working) and arrived in december, the classic app was shut down before I received it… so now is useless, ADT and smartthings should publish warnings about it… but the product is still selling in mexico and many people are having the same problem

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Uff…what a bad luck !..a friend from Chile configured its ADT hub at beginning of december…lucky for him Classic App was still on line for him !!..I warned him about this situation so he rushed to configured it, Sorry for hear that my friend, ADT Hub is great and solid as a rock…I hope you can return it to the vendor and get new one, and I agree notice from Samsung about it was very light ,that hub has not to be sell anymore, in fact I do not see Samsung take care about its consumers too much, I purchase a camera in Samsung On Line Store from Mexico, that did not work and had to return it but they never take my money back…like a really thief

Somehow on my iphone the new app allow me to “arm away” “arm stay” using the ADT interface. In my case I prefer the ADT dual sensors they are more reliable and do not depend on the poor smartthings cloud…

We might need to gather on Facebook or Reddit and create a group because it is a very good product when it works.

To activate it you have 2 choices:
if bought from the US activate it while in the US then change the address later
in Mex or other you must use a VPN during the activation and then you change the address.

I can help you with that

Connect through a VPN. Use also an iOS device

the ADT hub is really good I do not recomment the Samsung normal it is very unreliable and all te datas go to their cloud before processeing. meaning if a door is open it takes up to 30s to detect the changes… really really bad

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Does someone know how to bridge th whole systems to HomeKit?