S9+ SmartThings App

“In addition, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will come with the new SmartThings app, which unites Samsung’s existing IoT services into one single, smart experience.”

Is this just the standard app or is this something different?


Most likely it’s the new one that’s been announced for release this quarter :

Stayed tuned - SmartThings users will be getting an update soon with additional details.


Just want to make sure it won’t be a V1 hub vs v2 or Samsung connect vs SmartThings issue where the older hardware or account isn’t compatible with the newer one.

Can’t wait for the app update! Will future updates be on samsung’s site or on https://blog.smartthings.com

Running the new app now. Wanted a fresh start so I removed my home location and re-added 60+ devices. However, no more MyQ, no more Harmony Hubs, and no more Alexa Helper. Still no Nest support, Wemo Dimmer switch or Hue Motion Sensors / switches. Nice visual update but not really an upgrade. A downgrade for those with ANYTHING custom. :-\

There are loads of posts explaining the new app and its limitations

That asside i blame St and the Samsung Connect developers for failing to communicate with users
A big banner at the top of the web site would have been a pretty obvious thing to add so users can see whats happening
A dedicated section just for the new app would also help pool information

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This would not really solve the problems that people are reporting here. We have sent out emails, notifications, forum posts, blog posts, and a faq telling existing customers not to make the jump if you have tons of devices or custom anything. The app re-brand and the new app are just the first tiny step in a process that will eventually unify around thirty separate apps.

Stick to the classic app we are still fully supporting it.

And yet the posts roll in about connect !! Jody i love st and the new connect, i appreciate everything you guys do but i stand by my point. Big banner and dedicated connect section, your posts in threads are very helpfull but get lost in the noise.

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As much as the intent of the in app notification and the email sent out, this has created more confusion for more people than the messages tried to convey.

I do believe that if you guys created a topic in announcements with a full blown explanation of both apps existing side by side, why it’s there, why it should only be used for browsing and exploring. Not to use it if you have an ST account only. The direction of where the apps, the migration of accounts and the switchover without announcing dates of course is headed, I believe that you can calm the crown down so there aren’t 15 different ongoing topics about this going on, and people taking it upon themselves by destroying their environments by removing and adding things in the new app, thinking that they needed to transition over. Regardless of how cut and dry all the communications were to some of us (especially those who were in the migration betas), the messages that we have been relaying to everyone not to touch it, doesn’t hold the same weight as an official full blown document posted out here clarifying everything and the direction from left to right from a SmartThings Staff member such as yourself and not just a small blurb posted in between any of these topics.

I believe that it would help calm the waters if you or your team would post an official announcement here in the community, and include the FAQ in that announcement that we have posted numerous times for people in all these topics. :slight_smile:


And FYI: By turning off Location in the Samsung Connect App, it removed my Mobile Phone from Favorites, Things and IDE in the Classic App. Yet if I try to add my phone from the Marketplace again, it is still accounted for as you can see from the message below, yet visibly it can’t be found. I turned Location back on in Connect and rebooted my Hub and Force Stopped Classic app. My mobile phone was automatically added back in as a new device. Another reason for a much larger communication. So this tells me that both Classic and Connect are using the same IDE. So now I will go add my phone back into all my Automations again.

The reason I turned Location off in Connect was because my Routines (based on GPS) we’re running 2x.

E-mails get lost or ignored, people change there addresses, sad but true
The notifications lacked important information and became confusing to some
Blog Posts !! No one who has issues is going to look for a blog post or a faq
People will come to the Smartthings forums, they will look briefly IF at all for headers with relevant info but eventually will ask fair but frustrating questions
You have elequantly and kindly answered many questions on the subject but within long posts, your helpfull info will just get lost
The obvious course of action on the official Smartthings forum is to do exactly as WB70 has typed, this is going to be a fast moving development with constant up and downgrades, it would help everyone if the info was easy to access and understand, having dedicated Connect sections would also help development as users are going to be guinea pigs

That was a quick screen grab before it died WB70 :slight_smile:

I performed the add function before I turned Location on in Connect and before I rebooted / force stopped classic app. :slight_smile:

Agree with that, i noticed that as well, not to do with geolocation, something completely different but same conclusion, at a guess the custom stuff is going through layout and design integration rather than back end stuff now
For a while i could see custom smart apps, modes, and some nice TV, XBox photo sharing options which have all recently vanished no doubt due to layout tweeks that needed finishing

I get that, i was meaning the battery… 3% lol

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Out of interest WB70, which version of connect are you on ?? i have 1.6.06-45 and i am sure that is a roll back

At 29% now :smile:

The Mickey Mouse balloon logo just cracks me up sooooooo much. :joy: Or the drunk snowman!

My opinion is that logo doesn’t last 6 months. They missed this one by a mile.

Well at least there is some parity there, not sure when i lost the enhanced bits and pieces as i didnt really pay attention but i have a feeling it was the last update that removed a fair amount, stand to be corrected though
I can gaurantee there is some designer somewhere not happy with you laughing at his Mickey mouse Logo lol that or he/she ( Im in the Uk so have to be gender mutual ) is currently enjoying a holiday in the bahamas and couldnt give a poop

Just thought of a feature request for connect ( i know it will get ignored ) Samsung cloud backup which is part of the phone O/s, any chance Conenct/St will get included in auto backup