S2 Security PIN for SmartThings Hub

Now that the ST hub is reporting security 2 in its node info, it is required by the standard to provide a pin for itself during inclusion ( inclusion can go both ways, but the standard requires that all devices provide a PIN ).
Where can I find the PIN for my ST hub?
( And before someone jumps in and starts to ask about wall switches/etc providing pins, this is true… but standard also requires that hub be able to provide a pin as well ).

The hub isn’t S2 certified yet, so that isn’t supported. I believe they are working on it, though.

The hub is broadcasting itself as being S2 :frowning:

Right. they’ve been updating the hub firmware to get ready for S2 certification. But last i heard it isn’t certified and the mobile app requires an update, too. @Kianoosh_Karami might provide more details.

You have in S2 authentication “normal authentication” where you enter the pin into the primary controller, you also have “client side authentication” where you enter the primary controllers PIN code in the devices controller.
Both of these are required for certification.
If SmartThings is not supporting S2, they should not be advertising it in the Node Info. ( yeah, I know,… despite the “must” in the Z-wave spec for this, then vendors continue to do what they want to do.)

One final note in case my last comment is misunderstood… SmartThings is one of the better vendors when it comes to fixing their Z-wave implementation. I wouldn’t have bothered to ask the question about the PIN if I hadn’t thought that they might had implemented it.

at this point you’ll have to wait for ST staff to chime in if they choose to

Hi Brian,

Do you have an example of S2 being advertised in the Node Info? I can try to get clarification internally on that.


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Are you asking how to build a test case?
The easiest method is to take z-way-server in S2 mode and Factory reset ST and SmartThings. I think it would be easier to have ST to join z-way-server in order to debug the problem ( And,… yes this is two controllers, but it could be a device and a controller (same problem but way harder to debug ).
The two devices I just mentioned can be reversed as well.
I would be happy to walk you through this remotely if we did this “soonish”. I want to restore my network in a bit ( i.e. before I just reset both Network ID to see how the devices were working ).

Ever find out the answer to this?

The pin isn’t available at this time as the hub isn’t currently S2 certified.

The problem at the moment is that hub is reporting that it supports S2 in the NIF header, which breaks S1 certification.

The S2 header needs to be removed from the NIF until it is supported. I am not sure what is gained by reporting it if the hub can’t support S2.

Sounds like the Marketing Department might have something to do with it! :wink:

I doubt Marketing has anything to do with it,… advertising S2 in a NIF is not likely to reach a very wide audience :slight_smile:

Powerlevel is broken as well, but that has been the case for quite sometime.

Anyways, Smartthings is far from being the worst implementation of a z-wave gateway FWIW.


It was just a joke… :wink:

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My response was as well :slight_smile:

Though, I will add that my third paragraph was included specifically so that maybe, just maybe,… no one else might come along and not realize I was attempting to be funny.

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rough idea one when s2 cert will come? 6 months, year?

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2 years, +/- 5 years


Some of us have been waiting ~4 years for SmartThings to enable the Bluetooth radio! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bluetooth is beyond horrid for automation. 30ft range in clear open air, no relays. Terrible idea, no clue why they even bothered including it. :wink:

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