Running a permanently needed Python script in Docker?


Sort of a project here. I currently have this working on a Raspberry pi and it works flawlessly but I need to repurpose the RPi and well…

I have a Domoticz server (on the RPi) and due to x reasons I also have a Python script that detects bluetooth devices and sets them up in the Domoticz server as presence indicators.

I know that I can have Domoticz on my DS918+. I’m already starting to port it… heck… I’m actually starting over… no worries.

Here’s where the trouble begins…

I am using an RFXCom USB device in the RPi… I read somewhere that it shouldn’t be any problem using it on the DS… right?

Where I run into a logical issue is… will it be ok if I install a USB hub on the back usb port and plug both the RFXCom device AND a Bluetooth dongle?

After that part… another issue… Is Docker the ideal solution for this? I want a lightweight solution… but not sure if it’ll work…

Ideas? Thanks!

Edit: PS: Happy 4th of July you american folks! :slight_smile:

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