Domoticz installed in a Synology DS918+

I’m thinking of getting a NAS to finally centralise all the data (pics, videos, music, work stuff) and while I was researching my options I saw the Synology DS918+…

Yes, I saw it could hold VMs… sooo! I thought about changing my trustworthy RPi3’s Domoticz to the 918…

BUT! I’m currently testing a script within Domoticz made by @dudz40 that will be my presence sensor… based on Bluetooth…

The question I have now is… can I install in the 918+ both a bluetooth USB dongle AND the RFXCom device I currently use to control the shades in my home?


You are going the other way as I did. I used to have a QNAP for a long time. A couple of years after a number of drive failures (even with Raid) I decided to put my pictures on Google, have Spotify and Netflix, so totally cloud based now…

But most nas are debian based like raspbian.

You could check if command bluetoothctl is supported on synology, that should mean that dongle is supported.

You could check on synology if they have apackage for domoticz, on qnap toy have qpkg, i think you have something similar on synology.

But you can stay on cloud, no need to keep yourself busy with managing a nas :disappointed_relieved:

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Looks like you have either not all that many CDs/movies/work data or an amazingly large wallet… :rofl: I have way too many DVDs/Blurays/CDs that I currently can’t use and not-that-big-a-wallet…:disappointed_relieved:

I know how to install domoticz on synology now… and I think I read somewhere that RFXCom works… but I’m wondering about BT… I’ll probably risk it… :slight_smile: