How to connection to a Raspberry Pi

Is it possible to trigger a script to run on a Raspberry Pi?
I currently have RF switches to turn on/off plugs using my Pi + Tellstick. Would like to connect it somehow to my new Smartthings hub and then have Amazon echo to turn things on/off.


Hello @gadgethome,

I am not sure if this is exactly what you want but I have some blinds controlled by some scripts in my raspberry pi. I set up a small web server in my pi so I could communicate with them. Then a device handler talks to the corresponding python web server. It works very well in my setup.

Take a look at, the file is the small python web server that responds to http GET commands. The file blinds_device_handler.groovy is the smartthings device handler that talks to the raspberry python web server.

Hope it helps,

Hi @jrhbcn

Thank you very much. I will take a look now. I’m sure I will get back to you with some questions :slight_smile:


Welcome! Many people are using a raspberry pi with SmartThings in many different ways. :sunglasses:

It’s often the basis for integrations like smartthings to Lutron or smartthings to light wave RF. You’ll find a lot of the project reports on those in the project section. You can use the quick browse list in the community – created wiki and look at lighting projects, I think most of them are there. And there are a couple of different device type handlers on the dth list under miscellaneous.

You can also ask questions in the developers section of the forum as there are many different ways of making the connection.

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hi @jrhbcn i want to control an RF 433 blind will your project mentioned here work?

Yes @tluka, it has been working perfectly for months now in my setup. :+1:

Hi @jrhbcn where do i start as I am newbie to all this. Can you send me some links of what to get and how to put things together?
Thank you in advance.