[Release] TP-Link HS-100 Integration

I built an integration using a Raspberry Pi attached to my local network, Docker, and NodeJS to integrate TPLink HS-100 plugs to the Samsung SmartThings. The instructions are included on the Github page, let me know if works for you! http://bit.ly/tplink-hs100

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I’m not a coder so I can’t do comparisons, what are the differences between the code @dbej created here and what you did?

I created instructions for installing the code above on a Windows machine, but I just bought a Pi with the intention of moving the TP100 control over to it. Might have to give yours a try on the Pi! :slight_smile:

Hey @arhea, ive attempted to get this up and running on my system, but when i go to my ipaddress:3000/plugs i get nothing back. I can confirm that the docker container is running. Any pointers to where i could look to track down what is going wrong?