Hi All

I am new to this community.

I just created a new App - SHMHelper.

I recently got a Kwikset lock, and found out that there is no way I can automatically lock the door when I perform arm. SHM has no built in support to run a routine when armed or disarmed.

SHMHelper subscribes to SHM’s state change, and runs the configured routines for each state (viz., away, stay and off)

The code is here:

Please have a look and let me know any comments.


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Why not do it the other way around and have the routine arm/disarm SHM?

The other way around may cause inconsistency - me and my wife prefers to arm/disarm from SHM dashboard. If we decide to arm/disarm from a routine, I might forget about that later and arm/disarm from dashboard and miss the action

Since the dashboard is prominent, I think it makes sense to have the option.

The only thing to be aware of is that unlike subscribing to mode, subscribing to SHM alarm state is not officially supported and might change at anytime. Since you’re making this part of your security system that’s just something to know if you want to take this path. :sunglasses:

man, i hope your app loads faster than mine! luckily widgets save me from opening it too often. always good to to have options, though.

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Yeah, one of the big advantages of using routines is that they are supported as widget so you can have them on your watch or phone, you don’t even have to open the SmartThings app. But again, choice is good. :sunglasses:


Routine as widget is a new information for me. BTW, is the current status also available as widget? How about warnings, e.g., a door is open while arming, would the warning pop-up if I arm from widget?

Unfortunately, only routines appear as SmartThings widgets.

If you have an android phone, I think you can also use Tasker plus sharptools to get additional widgets. @joshua_lyon could say more.

I put several things into ST routines just so I could get the widgets on my Apple Watch. :sunglasses:


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