Run an Automation in the new app just Once

For the life of me on the new app i cannot find this. How can i run a routine just one time? I do not want specific routines to run multiple times during the timeframe just one time. I cannot find this option in the new app. THanks

In the new SmartThings app Automations which replaces the old SmartThings app’s Routines, there is an ‘If Time’ option to select either a ‘Period of Time’ or ‘Any Time’ for the Automation which exposes an ‘Only Once Per Day’ option to that can be selected.


Delete all the DAYS on the automation and then it leaves it to Repeat Once - and then be deleted!

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Now that’s an interesting feature when selecting a Specific Time and then un-selecting every day. The app even states, “Repeat Once/This automation will only run once and then be deleted.”