Reset automation “only once a day”

I have an automation on the ST app where once motion is detected my power blinds open. This is setup to only perform this action once per day, everyday. It’s for our Airbnb, and if the cleaners come in the same day as when guests check in, the automation runs for my cleaners and won’t run again for my guests that are checkin in.
I tried turning off and on the automation but still won’t reset.

Any ideas on how I can reset the once per day precondition (if) on the st app?

Try editing the Automation, adding a space to the end of the name so saving is enabled, and then saving it. A quick test suggests that resets the one a day count. As a bonus the trailing space you added doesn’t get saved so you haven’t even changed the name.

I won’t rule out my test having been too quick but it makes sense that it would work.

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That did the trick, thanks for the suggestion!

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