Rule problems

hello everyone,
i have a problem with rules. I can’t create or change the rules. I always get the message "network or sever errors.
I can turn everything on / off in the app !?
so I have a connection to the network / server!

can someone help me further

Hi Joerg. There are a few different places within the SmartThings platform where rules (or things resembling rules) can be setup, so it isn’t clear from your description what (or where) the issue might be.

Can you provide details or screenshots showing the steps you are taking and where you are encountering this message?

Could be hitting limits…

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Hi jkp,
I have 50 devices / sensors and 20 rules

Taking a shot in the dark but trying changing the language on your phone to US English (if you can) and test creating or editing a rule.

what do you mean by “in the dark” ??

English language idiom. It means “this is just something to try, I don’t know if it will work.“

It doesn’t work…

:man_facepalming:In Germany there is almost the same "shot in the blue":rofl:


The “Network or server error” message is a generic catchall error message, so it doesn’t necessarily mean you do not have a connection to the SmartThings cloud.

As mentioned by @jkp it’s possible you could be hitting the limits, but your existing Automations would have to contain a lot of actions (“behaviors”) per each Automation for that to be the case. If you have a larger Automation such as an “All Off” type, you could try temporarily removing that to see if this is the case.

I would especially consider the above if you cannot create any Automation regardless of type (scheduled, device triggered, location/mode triggered, etc.) or devices in use. If you have not experimented with what Automations you can or cannot create, give a few different kinds and devices a try to see if you can identify where the error might be coming from.

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thanks first of all. I will test it…

In Denmark we shoot at the fog instead of the dark… :smile:


Still the same problem …:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I solved the problem … :grin::grin:
I had a rule for a device that I removed, I deleted the device from the rule and inserted a new device. I probably shouldn’t have done that. I completely deleted the rule and created a new one, and now everything works again …:man_facepalming:

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