Rule Machine user survey (Survey is now closed)

strong textWe’ve put together a survey to determine if the platform and mobile application changes over the past few weeks have had a positive impact on Rule Machine functionality or not.
The intent is to be able to present these results to Bruce in an effort to (hopefully get him back)
I am not a secrete proxy for Bruce, nor have I asked him what his requirements for returning are or would be.

I can’t predict what the outcome will be, of if he would even be interested in reviewing the results, but can only assume that his interest in returning would be based to some degree on ST’s successful rectification of the platform and mobile issues that caused him to pull support in the first place.

I’m sure there are many other factors other than the above that will/would be weighing in on his decision, these are obviously out side of our control, and can’t be accounted for with this simple survey.

For all I know his current decision is final and irrevocable.

[Survey results…]


Done and done. I for one hope he comes back. It would be hard to live with out the app.

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I would be interested in the survey results just out of curiosity. And also I hope this has shown how important a rules engine is to this platform. thanks for taking the time for this.


I’ll start posting result updates at the top on this thread tomorrow.


Thanks @Mike_Maxwell Survey complete and thanks for doing this.

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Thought I’d give this a bump…

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Dang wish I could participate but I just started (today) using rules machine (Rule/Rule Machine - 1.8.3/1.8.1). So far its working ( I have one device mirroring another device for on and then delaying 5 minutes for off). The first chance I got to work with it was during the March Madness Mess and felt it was not a good time to submit my wife to that torture.

So far the fixes are making my overall ST experience better. Response times are much better. I was able to connect to my Z-Wave switch (which had refused to be found last month) and I’m still getting all my updates to my MQTT SmartApp.

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Thanks for doing this @Mike_Maxwell, survey complete!

Yea I too hope RM comes back. I’ve ignored my headless rules because I’m waiting to see how this all works out. I really don’t want to move back to SmartLighting. @Mike_Maxwell did all of the sunrise / sunset options somehow disapear from rule creation? I also switched to Android and noticed it.

I do not use them, but they are still there under the “specific time” enum list, for both existing and new rules.

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Everything has been running flawless since the updates and a rebuild of my rules…

Finish the survey yesterday, my lights on at sunset rule didn’t run - thought it was a fluke…

This morning, my lights off at sunrise rule didn’t run and lost control of one of my Cree bulbs…

Feel like I jinxed myself :wink:


the current batch of “this that and the other thing not firing” has nothing to do with RM…, execution pear shapedness resumed again this morning…

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Yea I’ve kind of given up… If this is the situation being resolved I’m even more worried…

Wish I had more time to invest in my Home Assistant setup.