Rule machine

Most of those that have used the rule machine app have seen how powerful and useful it is, and can be.

I’m curious to know if there is any talk in the halls of ST about making this app either replace smart lighting or to at least run locally?

Good question.

I think the best case would be for them to fold some of the functionality into the smart lighting app, specifically the ability to have multiple triggers connected by AND/OR relationships. Why they didn’t start in the beginning by creating a boolean logic SmartApp is beyond me.

I would love for them to do so. What they should do is hire the author, along with additional resources. Clean it up with more direct calls to the cloud backend, and make it resource effective. I am sure he has done all that he can to make it clean and crisp, but working with ST should allow him access to more backend processes and hopefully reduce any additional burden on the servers.

It would do them more good however, to hire more help with customer support, coding and additional QA resources.