Rule Machine - Need help thinking through logic

I have two motion sensors involved in this rule. One at the top of the stairwell and one toward the back of my basement. The basement lights are controlled via a GE z-wave switch.

What I want:
Turn the basement light on if there is active machine on either sensor UNLESS the z-wave switch was manually turned on. If it was turned off by motion, then turn back off after 5 minutes. Currently they come on with motion but are not going back off on their own.

Define Conditions:
[Basement Back Motion Sensor, Basement Top Motion Sensor] any active [FALSE]
Basement Light Switch off [False]

Define Rule:
Basement Light Switch off AND {Basement Back Motion Sensor, Basement Top Motion Sensor] active

Actions for True:
On: Basement Light Switch
Pending Off: Basement Light Switch: 5 minutes

Action for False:

Anyone notice what I’m doing wrong?

In order to turn the lights OFF when there is no motion for lets say 5 minutes you can use the “Actions for FALSE” and in that set it “delay the rule by 5 minutes” - With this if there is no MOTION for 5 mins then the lights go OFF. I am not sure why you want to look for the condition that the “Light is off” . You just need to look for motion and trigger the light to come on…if the light is already on and you send it a ON command, it will keep the light ON.

You can do this using Smart lighting too.

May be I did not follow what you are requesting properly, but I dont think you need to have a condition to look for the light to be off, before turning it on with motion.

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The reason I look for a “light is off” condition is because when I tried this in Smartlighting in my living room. I had a rule that if the living room motion sensor was active to turn on the living room lights via the z-wave switch in the living room and turn back off after 10 minutes of no motion. If I manually turned the light on then sat down on the couch and didn’t move for 10 mintues, the lights would go off. I want the lights to stay on if I manually turn them on. It seemed the active motion set a countdown timer to turn them back off. Does that make sense?

I’ll give the Action if False a shot.