Motion sensor to turn on AND off lights

I’ve made a rule to turn on the kitchen lights when motion is detected. However, I do not see any way within the rule to turn the lights off (if still on) after X minutes of inactivity from that same motion sensor.

Can anyone help with this? Thanks!

What app are you using for this?

Well at this point all I know is the Smartthings App on iOS. Do I have other options? =).

For the record it’s the GE Dimmer Z-Wave switch.

oic, you can do this using the Smart Lights smart app, go to marketplace, smartapps, its located under smartthings recommends

Ah, I didn’t realize there were other apps like this inside of the ST app, that’s great, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!

make sure you undo the other rule (routine?) you had that was doing this before.

Got it, thanks for the help!

Works like a charm! Thanks again

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