Rule machine does not recognize sunset

So i’m trying to make a rule that will send an alert and turn on a radio power switch if the chicken coop door is left open at sunset. I live in Seattle so the time of sunset varies dramatically during the year.

However the rule only seems to work if I put a specific time in. If I set conditions for a Coop door open and 7 PM. The coop door is left open at 7 PM at senses that it is open it sends me an alert. However if I change that time to sunset, At whatever time sunset is nothing happens. It’s also agonizingly slow to troubleshoot since I only get one chance a day. Screen shot shows a version that works and one that doesn’t if u change Time to sunset.

If I Use the automation app that comes with smart things instead of rule machine, it only triggers after the set time if the contact changes from close to open. It does not alert if the contact is open at that specific time. IE the coop door was left open in the evening. You are choosing “ opens” and after a certain time meaning only a change in the contacts state. So it works if u open the door after sunset, but that’s not the goal. Rule machine does work to check the door state at a specific time and alert however I have the sunset issue still.


Rule Machine hasn’t been available on SmartThings for 4+ years (support for it was explicitly withdrawn). You might consider switching to webCoRE, which was created to replace RM.

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