Rule Machine thinks it's sunset?

(Mike Kelley) #1

I’ve created a Rule with the Rule Machine that turns on lights at sunset, which it did just now but it’s not even close to sunset (according to my hub when I log in it says Sunset is not for another hour). The rule itself reports that it’s Sunset – anyone have this kind of problem with it?

(Bruce) #2

Would you please post a screenshot of your rule.

(Mike Kelley) #3

Ah, nevermind – looked at it again and it said “Between Sunset and Sunset” (although I’m not sure why THAT evaluated to True but it did. I’d have to think about that one hard because it seems like that would always evaluated to false :smile:)

(Brian Diehl) #4

It could be sunset day 1 to sunset day 2 (IE Sunset Monday until Sunset Tuesday)

(Brian Salyer) #5

I thought I had a similar problem and then I realized I don’t think I have my scenario setup correctly. What I want is when we go to bed, the last thing we do is turn off the master bedroom light. I want that to run goodnight Routine. So I tried to set that up in a manner that it can only do that between 8:45 pm and 1:00 am. My wife went upstairs and turned off the light at 4:53 pm and all of a sudden, had my lights on the main level turned off and my outside lights turned on. What do I have wrong?

(Bobby) #6

Use the other options on the button for that, it’s better…

(Brian Salyer) #8

Is this in response to my setup or the @Kelleytoons? If me, what do you mean “On the button”?

(Bobby) #9

Sorry, didn’t have much time earlier. Your screenshot just caught my attention, didn’t even read the issue at hand. This is what I meant - see picture. Based on my experience, simple trigger with restrictions works better.