Rule Machine Battery notification

Is there anyway to have rule machine notify me once per device when the battery drops below 25%? I only want a daily notification. Right now I have it in a 30 minute window, but this causes a recurring alert to happen for each device under 25%. So if presence sensorA is under 25% It could receive 2 or 3 pages for it.

I just have the rule set to only tell me on Sat and Sun when I am in home mode so it gets fixed quite quickly.
You could also set up a boolean so it only sends one message and stops until you reset the rule after a battery change.

That’s a good idea. I’ll think about this one.

Wouldn’t this disable the alert for all devices within that rule? What I’ve noticed is some devices alert later than others. That leads me to believe that device polls happen at different times. However, I guess once I fix it and clear the alert it will just alert on the next device.

Yup, basically you would get the one notification. I use SmartTiles with multiple screens and one of them is Battery. So I get one alert and then just open the Battery screen and look at them all while I’m at it.

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Thanks for the Idea!