Everspring Water detector Battery condition

I installed the Everspring Water and Leak detector and I know it shows battery in the ST app, but is there a way to send push notification if battery gets low?

You could use Rule Machine to do this

It sounds like a little much to use for one thing, so I guess I will have to just watch it. It just would be nice to have my devices tell me by sms that the battery condition is below 25%. But thanks for the suggestion.

If you don’t want to use Rule Machine then maybe try BatteryMonitor? You can find it here.

Thanks, just set it up will see how well it works out.

Ok I opened the code and copied it to the new smart app then configured it in my phone but no sms I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. Does it always send sms at set time or only when batteries reach that set level?

Joel, Rule Machine is best for doing little things one at a time, so it’s perfect for what you need. One rule can notify you whenever a battery on your list goes below 25%.

I installed Battery Monitor, but not sure if it is working. I don’t know if it sends status each day at a certain time I set or just when it reaches the percentage of battery I selected. I asked for help from the developer, so maybe he will get back. Rule machine seems a little daunting to me. But maybe I am reading too much into it.

It’s very simple, actually.

Trigger: battery < 25, multiple any
Action: notify me with device name

If the Battery Monitor doesn’t work I will attempt to install Rule Machine and Rule. I might need some help, but once installed I will see. Thanks.

Well I wasn’t sure Battery Monitor was working as there was no sms message sent when I changed the values to trigger an alarm. so I went and installed Rule machine. Not sure if it is working, but I have it setup with no errors and deleted battery monitor.

HeHe… now you just need a weak battery somewhere…