Disable Battery Notifications

I have a V2 Smartthings hub. A few of my devices (mainly the Smartthings motion sensors) often report battery low status at 2am in the morning. This wakes up the wife and I up. I don’t want to disable notifications in general from Smartthings as there are important things to get alerts on. Batteries for some devices just isn’t one of them. To top it off, the battery status sometimes get’s stuck on 1% but the device still works for weeks after it’s reported and reminds us every night. Pulling the battery out and putting it back in sometimes forces it to check the battery status and could put it above the notification threshold, but of course that doesn’t last for long.

I could just change out the battery, but it seems wasteful. Is there any way to just turn off battery notifications? I’m planning to make myself a little dashboard with device health this year when I have some free time and that should cover my needs for checking up on battery status.


I think I turned off battery notifications (but now I can’t find the setting), and use smart-app Simple Device Viewer every week, to review battery status sorted for the 5 worst ones. It will also tell you the last activity of any device.

I still get irregular battery notifications anyway.

I am also running the Monoprice multisensor at 1% for the last 4-5 weeks to see how long it will run.

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I wish I could disable battery notifications as well.

I have a sensor that has a new battery but it is still reporting 1% battery for weeks now. Stupid smartthings notifies me at all these random times that this battery is “dieing”. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to notify constantly about the same battery being dead? It’s a pretty dumb idea for smartthings to even be notifying about batteries the same way as more important notifications. It would have been smarter to just have a section in the app where it lists all device battery levels sorted by lowest, and then highlight that section if a battery is critical.


Slightly different reason, but I was after the same thing. See here:

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So I thought it worked as I didn’t get any for a couple days, but just got 2 more just now. Looks like deleting the app didn’t do anything. Sent the info into support so will report back on where that goes.

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I posted this in another thread I was following as well in hopes of getting answers so I thought I’d also post here for anyone still dealing with this ridiculousness and thinking/hoping there is something they can do. Despite my original ticket being closed quietly and marked as solved 6 months ago, it obviously is not. So I opened a new ticket and have been told by 2 different techs that this is an issue on their end so there is nothing we can do about it but the usual sit and wait for them.

The solution I chose for this was to replace the smartthings official sensors with off brands that for some reason last 5x longer and more accurately report battery % (and actually use up the battery near fully). Whats weird with the smartthings products is their battery report can vary between 20% or so in a given week. Or, if you’ve ever tried taking a “low” battery out that was at 15%, when you put the same one back in, it may report 60% for the next few days before it eventually goes back to 15-25%. Then a week after that you’re back to getting low battery alerts. It’s just all so inconsistent. I wonder if this is sometimes because of the temperature pulling they do nearly every hour. On most of my devices I don’t care to know the temperature so it would also be nice to turn that off (which may extend battery life as well). But turning that off or adjusting frequency isn’t an option yet. Given the price to satisfaction ratio of other sensor products, I’m a little disappointed in the progress Smartthings has made in the last couple years. Especially with their new Samsung app that appears to be malfunctioning and ditching features. Maybe the battery issue is resolved in the new app, but based on the reviews I’m not willing to switch yet.

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