Rules triggering lights not connected to rule (15 Nov 2023)

I’ve comes across something weird this evening.

A room with a sensor and light connected to it. When triggers also switches on Attic lights and playroom lights.

These are not connected to the rule at all

Brand and model of the devices? And can you post a screenshot of the routine using the motion sensor?

And did this routine used to work differently or is it new?

To add to @JDRoberts’s queries:

  • Does disabling the rule prevent the attic and playroom lights being turned on by the sensor? Just want to eliminate the possibility of some direct binding between the sensors and lights.
  • On a similar vein, do the attic and playroom lights turn on if you turn the room light on independently of the rule?

Another question - do you use Alexa?


I think the motion rule was just coincidence.

The light does keep turning itself off a lot all day. I disconnected it from Smartthings and seemed to be fine it’s a aone dimmer

i have similar problem with virtual switch as described in other thread.
it goes on and off spontaneously in forever loop because mode change does not work.
obviously poor programmer thought to run routine over and over.
to stop the loop i had to power cycle hub