Royallo ZWRX-S Universal On/Off Sensor

Has anyone ever used/paired one of these devices? It will monitor an input and basically just send an open/closed state to the zwave controller. I plan on using this (or similar) to monitor the state of my smoke alarms, and send notifications if the smoke alarm goes off.

I can purchase a relay for my smoke alarm, so when the alarm goes off it closes a contact, which will then (I hope) signal the Royallo device to change state and notify me, or signal an external alarm (Smart Things Siren)

Haven’t seen this before. Looks like it needs to be plugged into 110vac so I’m not clear how you would connect t to your smoke detector(unless your smoke is powered by 110v). The relay connections do appear that, if closed, would send a z-wave on/off command. I was going to eventually do something similar but use a ZigBee pro chip HA inside the smoke detector to keep everything small and portable and run it off the voltage present snide the smoke detector (will need 3.3v regulator) Keep us posted on how this works out.

The unit needs to be plugged into 110V wall outlet, but the sensing can be open/closed contact. So the smoke detector relay closes a contact upon alarm trigger, and that should in turn trigger this Royallo unit to send a signal to the Smart Thing Hub.

Huh, I hadn’t seen that one yet, looks useful. I expect it will currently join as a generic Z-Wave Sensor, but I’m not sure if it will work properly. I’ll try to order one and work on a device type handler for it.

Or you could just use an Aeon relay switch. I would think it would be easier to not need 110v(or 220) and use a ZigBee pro which would fit inside the smoke detector itself and in theory, if its running the HA stack, you would only need a regulator or divider to drop the voltage to 3.3vdc for the ZigBee and tie one of the digital tins to the sounder output. Most batter smoke detectors actually have a digital test point on the circuit board, you just need to find a common ground.