Routines/Scenes not executing via Alexa or Webcore

They seem to be executing fine via the app this morning, but they are not executing via Alexa or Webcore. Anyone else having problems? All these problems started with the downtime last night. Everything was working till yesterday morning. Funnily enough, regular switches are working fine. Just Scenes and Routines are having problems.

I am also finding Routine execution seems to fail intermittently through the app, but hitting it a couple of times makes it work.

Please clarify if you are referring to Alexa routines, the classic app routines or automations in the new app?

Scenes in the new app (Routines in the old app that were migrated).

Also, I noticed that trying to create a new Piston in Webcore to execute a Routine - has a blank list of Routines to execute now. The dropdown list of Routines is empty and becomes a Text field.

Yep… routines in the Classic app are gone and have been replaced with automations in the new app. WebCoRE was able to control routines in the Classic app but webCoRE can’t control the non-groovy automations in the new app so that is why you are getting a blank list.

For scenes…