Routines not working - alarm going off

Is anyone else having issues this morning? I have my ST system set up as an alarm. My wife is carrying the presence sensor, and though has been working today, today it ran the “Goodbye” routine (Arming system and putting into away), but then when she came back 6 mins later, it didn’t run the “I’m back” routine. The alarm went off…Typical I was on a train in a deadzone for coverage.

Yesterday the routines didn’t run to disable for the cleaner either. I thought that was because of the time change, as I found it is actually running in BST still. But mayeb it is all connected…

I have had to turn off the SHM for now as wife is doing nut.

not sure if this is correct for your situation, however, there is an issue with routine delays.

If you change the standard delay from 10 minutes down to <5, it has fixed the “not running” issue for a number of people.

Timed routines have been broken for a while for me now. In fact they run only once after they’ve been created. And never again.

@deano12 I did have set at 5 mins, and was working fine…I wonder if its because my wife popped back after 6mins! I’ve actually created a random rule now so she can disable by opening a sensor I had set to detect vibration from the doorbell speaker (Thats another story!!)

I’ve been onto support and they have been really helpful. They can see on the log my presence sensor returned, but the smartapp didn’t fire. Tom in support has promised to look into and come back to me…We shall see…

I had the same exact thing happen to me around lunch time. The routine said it was running, but it was failing to disable the alarm. I finally used my phone to manually run the Goodbye routine followed by manually running the I’m back routine. That seemed to work. Later in the day everything was working just fine.

I had this happen to me too, posted about it in the “Good bye! Routine not working” thread. My wife got blasted with the 106dB siren as she walked through the door… suffice to say, she was not a happy bunny at the time!

Anyway, my goodbye routine didn’t work pretty much from the beginning and this seemed to be a glitch? They suggested the change of the delay in the routine which seemed to fix it for me and a few others…

Ok so this was complete user error!! Support got back to me and found the reason.

In the Goodbye routine I had set the delay of 5mins before activating. However on the I’m back routine (running someone arrives) there is also minimum away time (Which was set at 10 mins). Therefore because my wife was only away for 6 mins it had activated the alarm, but then didn’t deactivate because she wasn’t away for more than 10mins. So @deano12 you were right it was the delay piece, I just hadn’t checked both.

As for the cleaner issues and not triggering time based routines yesterday, that has been raised to Tier 2 support, so will see what comes of that. Hopefully that is not me being thick too!!


I’d still set the delay timer on the cleaner ones down to 0 or 1 for the time based events, as ovbiously if you trigger by time, but they still have a delay configured (default 10 minutes) you’re always going to have that “its not triggered on time” because of the standard delay.

I’m not sure if this will work for you again, as I’ve never used time based routines, only presence activated.