Routines not running

Has anyone had any issues with routines not performing over the last couple of days? Smartthings system status shows everything is operational, but for some reason my Goodnight routine just is not triggering at all.

contact support. they need to hear about this.
use chat feature. don’t call or email. chat goes directly to ST dedicated L2 techs

I had a similar issue where my Routines were not triggering or partially triggering a few weeks back. Contacted support and they were very helpful. Turns out the problem was the integration with my Arlo cams.

Currently we have a one synchronous API call to Arlo. We are working on changing this call to async which should alleviate some of the issues of Routines not fully executing that interact with Arlo.

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Great. Is there a thread somewhere I can follow that will let me know when it’s been resolved? I’d like to have my Routines arm/disarm Arlo again without resorting to workarounds.

This issue has been reported in a few other places such as Unexpected Error in Routine when turning on multiple Arlo cameras and Arlo Cameras Infecting Routines. We will make an effort to update these threads once resolved but you can also reach out to support. They track reports and are good about following up via email when issues are resolved. The additional data points from contacting support are also appreciated to track the impact of issues.

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I got a response from support that they do not have an ETA on when this issue will be fixed:

Currently, we are suggesting users create duplicate Routines and placing only 2 Arlo Cameras in each Routine.

You can also try using Smart Lights to trigger based off of a Mode Change.

I tried the Smart Lights suggestion, which appears to have resolved the problem.

I’m also having issues with routines. My good morning routine disarms shm as well as turn on a light. The routine have not run properly for the last couple of days. The good night routine seems to be working though.

I have sent an email to support earlier today. Just waiting for a response.

edit: I don’t have an Arlo

It has been nearly a week now and my routines are still not running (smart lights seem to be fine) and even though I contacted ST I have not heard anything back, and ST system status webpage says everything is fine when it obviously is not.

As a note this ignored issue could be dangerous for some. Today I was not feeling well and dozed off early, forgetting to lock my front door. (Note the Goodnight routine is set at 9 pm and normally makes sure the door is locked.) I woke up after midnight when my driveway alarm went off only to see some people messing around, luckily I had manually locked the door after I head that driveway Alarm.

It is very annoying that every day it seems that SmartThings is getting less and less smart, when all the issues seem like they should be easy to overcome, and years on we are still waiting for features that we should have had from day one. Features like Alarm delay, of which I am thinking of commissioning an entry contact sensor with programmable delay.

Any update on this? I just emailed support. Presence and door rules to turn cameras off / on have stopped working. Using smart lighting with Arlo switches.

I got a message last week from ST that they tried to fix the issue, but it did not work. It is very annoying when they do not report issues yet they clearly have several of them.

There is a PR (Pull Request) opened with a fix for Arlo. I can updated when I have more information. It is moving forward though :slight_smile:

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So I’m confused… Has it been established that all of the September 2017 reported issues regarding routines being delayed or not running are limited to routines that include Arlo cameras? Or is it happening in other configurations as well?

I do not have any Arlo cameras in my setup. I do have a Samsung 6414 camera though. Note the routine will trigger manually though.

I do not know if this helps, but the routine failing has several lights on it turn on and dim, several turn off, a it also locks a Yale lock.

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There are other problems occurring as well, sorry for any confusion.

As @vlad articulated in the thread linked below, we have been experiencing increased latency with one of our databases periodically throughout the day. We are actively investigating this and I can try to provide updates as we find out more.

Events not processing or extensively delayed (multiple rules engines)

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Another week on and routines are still not working. Smart lights are though, however I cannot lock the door with them. I wish Samsung would step up its game at fixing these issues.