Routines not able to change both color and dimming on bulbs

Finally setting up my buttons to create moods in my bedroom… no comments. I have both wiz connected and meross and globe suite cloud to cloud connected to smartthings. And a few Zigbee light bulbs… the Zigbee ones… using the old DTH still waiting for auto edge transition for those.Zigbee bulbs work fine. But the non local ones can only either change dimming or colours , not both at once.

Can someone else test this too?

I have no trouble entering both a color change, and a dim level for my Meross RGBW cloud-connected bulbs, but the trick is that you cannot choose the on/off toggle. You leave that one greyed out, set the color, set the dim level, and the routine will automatically say that it is to turn on.

So I think it’s a UI issue rather than a platform issue.

Hi JD,

I do not use the toggle option… I find it annoying actually, and yes I can set the color and dimmer… it just doesn’t actually do both… whichever option I set first is what is acted on. So in your case only color or dimmer level will be set… at least for me on my globe and meross lights.

Interesting! I will have to test it tomorrow. I will let you know the result.

Please and thank you… I have done lots of testing so far… using an IKEA button and an inolvelli z wave switch… just to be sure… oh and using a motion sensor.