Control color on 2x Lightify bulbs at the same time using SmartThings?

Hi everyone. This is my first post. I am a proud owner of SmartThings hub!!! Super excited.

Currently I have 1x SmartThings hub v2
1x Echo dot
1x Hue bridge v2
2x Hue ambiance light bulbs
1x Hue dimmer switch
2x Lightify Smart connected rgbw bulbs

One of the Hue bulbs is in my office which is controlled by the Philips dimmer switch. The other one is above my dinning table which is also controlled by the same switch( there is a paid $5 app that allows you to tweak the dimmer switch, pretty cool) it is not the most convenient setup, but they are pretty close to each other. I am on a tight budget and getting things one by one. The two color Lightify bulbs will be in the bedroom and would like to set them up in a group that controls the color. Maybe have a virtual switch that turns those red for some romance. :slight_smile:
So question is how I do that and also would it be possible that the Philips dimmer switch can control the Lightify bulbs through SmartThings since the bridge does not recognize them.( I’ve read about the whole EU/US firmware versions and they are coming with an update that should allow pairing with the bridge)

Also I have bee playing with the simulated switch and it works, but something is not right… I have them to turn red, but they go through different states and eventually turn red and sometimes after they are red they go to purple and stay like that. I tried deleting the virtual switches and set up again, but same thing, very glitchy. Maybe I should reset the bulbs and pair again ?


There are several ways to approach the color grouping, and you can definitely check with the experts in the core peer assistance thread and see if Core can help.

As far as working with the Hue dimmer switch, not yet.

I have the Osram Lightify and the LIFX. Currently I don’t have the gateway
for the Osram lights and I can’t set up scenes.

Sorry, my bad, I misheard it as LIFX. Then definitely check with the core experts and see if they have any ideas.

I don’t think trendsetter is going to work. The problem that the OP has probably run into is that the Osram bulbs defined their colors in a different way than Hue bulbs do, and most of the smartapps, as well as the official features, are based on Hue bulbs.

You can use the quick browse list in the community – created wiki, look in the smart apps section, and choose the list for lighting. There’s at least one smartapp on that list which is specific for grouping the Osram RGBW lights.

( The reason I suggested checking with the core experts in their peer assistance thread is that I just don’t know offhand whether core recognizes the color differences between Osram and Hue or not.)

Thank you all. I played yesterday a little bit and was able to install CoRE. Wow it is amazing what it can do :). I think I am going to end up with the Aeon Labs Minimote. It has the best value for a “switch”. The only downside is that it needs to be charged once in a while and doesn’t look like a normal switch. I would love to have something like the Phillips Dimmer switch to control all kinds of different lights. I am on a very tight budget and just want to have 5-6 bulbs that are controlled easily by switches(old school), but with a bit more customization like scenes and dimming. I got the 2x osram RGBW for $25 each(it was a big deal in Lowe’s), but seems like if I have only Hue lights it will be way easier by using their dimmer switches. Too bad they are expensive and their switch is not programmable in ST.