Routines cannot trigger multiple scenes

A few days ago (maybe a bit more), my main routines stopped working. The app was giving a “Sorry, unexpected error has occurred”. With a little bit of trial and error I’ve worked out that the problem is with the scenes it is trying to activate. Specifically, that if a routine triggers 1 scene it works, but if it tries to trigger more than 1 it does not. I have done the obvious checks to make sure there is not problem with a specific scene and no the two scenes do not conflict (i.e. one isn’t turning on a light while the other tries to turn it off). Individually the scenes test and run fine.

Anyone else experienced this? This is a real pain if I can’t run multiple scenes from routines and defeats the point of the scenes for me. Thinking I might just need to abandon scenes all together.

I would ask support and see what they say. And since everyone will eventually be migrated to the new app, it’s hard to say right now how scenes will work with that. They may have the problem fixed over there.

Meanwhile, you can just daisy chain additional scenes.

Have the first routine activate the first scene and turn on a virtual switch B.

Create a second routine which starts when virtual switch B comes on and which activates your second scene, turns off virtual switch B, and turns on virtual switch C.

Then create a third routine which starts when virtual switch C comes on and which activate your third scene, turns off virtual switch C, etc.

It’s obviously more setup work, but it’s another option.

Also, did you check if the Official smart lighting feature can handle more than one scene? If it can, then you can shorten the daisychain by having the routine turn on one virtual switch and that virtual switch turn on a smart lighting automation that activates all of your selected scenes. But I don’t know if that one is possible.:sunglasses:


I just created 2 new scenes (1 bulb a piece) that turn the lights on in red. I then created a new Routine and added both Scenes to that Routine. Upon running the Routine, both Scenes activated without an issue. Just an fyi.