Routines and Timing

I have my I’m back routine scheduled to turn on some lights when I arrive home. I only want the I’m back routine to run when I arrive home AND it is between sunset and sunrise. Can this be done?

I know rule machine would work but it does not exist anymore.

The between is the part that I do not believe can be done in the regular routine area.

Now is a great time to install webCoRE as this is easily done with this awesome rule engine!

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webCoRE , but you might also do it in the Routine, Go to Additional Settings and select the Automatically perform “I’m Back!” during Sunrise and Sunset and see if that works for your use case.


Rule machine is no longer available, but Core is, and it can do this easily. :sunglasses:


The “I’m Back” routine can’t do it but the “Smart Lights” smartapp can. Look in Marketplace, Smartapps, Lights and Switches category. This app can do the with someone arrives between sunset to sunrise.

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Just installed it and believe I set it up right. First test will be tonight

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Probably, it it done easily on the Wink and Wink 2. I have all of them. You will need some kind of Bluetooth to tag your location. If you had an Ecobee3 you could probably do something with it Sensors. It a real easy robot under the Wink system.

But the OP is already using ST. And ST can do what he wants. This is a ST user forum.

I think this is a good idea too, especially if there’s nothing else associated with the routine.

Alternatively, you could create a new “evening” mode. Then create one routine that changes to evening mode at sunset, and one that changes back to home (or whatever) mode at sunrise. Then your original routine can be restricted to run only during “evening” mode.

All depends on whether one wants to use the built-in smartapps or something more flexible/powerful like CoRE.

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Downloaded and installed core and it works like a charm

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Just installed. works like a charm

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