I'm Back routine with two options based on device AND time of day?

Sorry if this has been asked before but i cant seem to find a solid answer for this and i am sure what i am trying to do is easily accomplished. I am trying to create an “I’m Back” routine that does 2 things but only based on time of day. For example if i return home before sunset i want it to set the Hub mode to home which triggers my Nest thermostat back to home from Away, BUT if i return home after sunset i would like it to set my status to home AND turn on one of my bulbs. I have been able to configure the routine to set the mode and turn on the light without issue, but this will do both regardless of the time of day. I did also try adding a second condition to the routine which was to do this after sunset, the issue with this is that it runs the routine at sunset regardless if i am back or not. I did find an app named yonomi that can do something like this with wink hub, and i am not sure if this app will work with ST. I also looked into IFTTT but i couldnt see where to add the time of day condition. Has anyone been able to set something like this up? If so could you share your thoughts. I guess i could always create 2 routines one for the mode and the other for the lights based on time, but i would hate to have to go that route if there is a simpler way.

If you use the official features, it’s easy, but you have to have two different automations. One that occurs after sunset and one that occurs before sunset.

Alternatively, you can use core, but setup for that can be quite complicated, so it might be overkill for this situation.

Yonomi does not work with SmartThings at the present time. There are some community members who use it, particularly for management of harmony or Sonos, but not for your basic smartthings – controlled devices. But as far as those go, core can do everything yonomi can and more. :sunglasses:

Thank you JDRoberts, i have been hearing a lot about CoRE so i will look into it.

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I agree with @JDRoberts but you may find webCoRe even more beneficial. It’s like CoRe but on web-based steroids and very easy to use!

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Thank you again JDRoberts I installed CoRE and finally had a chance to test it tonight and it worked perfectly. Also like you said so many options and possibilities with CoRE. I also installed WebCoRE which seems pretty powerful but will need a little more time to fully grasp it all. anyways thanks a million to both of you for the recommendations

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