Android Icons for SharpTools

Hey guys. I recently installed SharpTools and it’s working great so far. I’ve created several “Hello Home” commands withing SmartThings to control things, like lamp(s) on to 10%, or 100%, all lights off, fan on medium, etc. Might not be the best way to do it, but it works, especially for fan control and dimming. I’ve set up shortcut folders for my living room and bedroom and that seems to work well, it’s nice being able to handle lights with only two presses, and not need to open an app. Great job developer!

Now that I’ve got everything configured, I’d like some options for icons rather then the standard Thing and Phrase icons. Having light bulb off, dim, and bright as well as something for fan low, med, high, off would be cool. Is there anything out there now for this?

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Some icon packs have general icons, but very limited. If you are using a laucher like Nova, then you can try this site: Not an icon pack in your phone, but it should work

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Here is another one, this one an app:

Here is my setup:


It looks like @rey_rios has you covered - using the custom icon feature of a launcher like Nova Launcher is usually the easiest way. If you search Google Play for “Icon Pack” you’ll find a ton of great icon options that work with custom launchers.

Alternatively, you could use Tasker to setup a custom icon/widget or something like Zooper Widgets to setup a custom widget.

Edit: PS. I’m the developer of SharpTools, so feel free to tag me @joshua_lyon in future posts if you need anything.

@joshua_lyon, thanks a ton for this app. I haven’t gotten into the tasker part yet, but the widgets are great.

Work was slow today so I decided to play around in Photoshop a bit and make some custom icons. I’m very happy with the outcome. I was already using a custom launcher but did switch to Nova and like it better. Started with a circle, embossed it for a button look, and added the Smartthings default icons linked above as layers. From there I made tweaks to fit my system and saved as PNG.

If anyone is interested in the PSD file I’d be happy to share.

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That looks great – excellent work!